Polka dots..

She wore a lovely dress with red polka dots
And looked out of the window staring into the sky,
Gaping at the beauty of the moon
And the serenity of it all that thereth lied.
Her lipstick still fresh, her make up perfect
She climbed the window sill and started looking for something,
Then walked to and forth and jumped back down.
She walked to her mirror and smiled then frowned.
She wondered about her sudden love for polka dots,
Then changed into her home clothes and went to sleep.
That day she had so much on her mind,
She even forgot to go for the PARTY!!



The mirror and her.

English: : A mirror, reflecting a vase. Españo...

She looked at herself in the mirror, couldn’t see anything at all.

Her image had faded away, her existence was gone.

She stood there perplexed and pondered on just one question-

“When her image was not there, why was her existence still on?”.

There was no answer, not even a hint

She looked for an answer, or let’s say imagined one

The solution was rightly right there

and yet provided by none.

That day she did see an image in that mirror,

But ignored to accept it as hers.

Over the years she had changed so much,

She had become almost what she had once yearned.

And yet that day when she looked at herself,

She expected to see that little old girl

Who would run around and get what she wanted

Buy it, steal it, earn it, the way she wanted.

Today as she stood at a crossroad unable to do either,

She wanted that little girl to appear in the mirror

and yet again teach her the art of getting what she thought should be hers,

the art of getting who she thought should be hers,

the art of being HER.