The topic I decided to write on today is a rather complex one, and yet it is the simplest of the subjects most people claim to be experts on. So I will not be judging whether they’re good judges, or whether they can’t judge on even the most basic of the criteria, and what I will present here, is my own view on this!

LOVE. Luckily, I opened my eyes in this world to be greeted with this superb emotion called LOVE. Surprisingly though, beginning with not knowing what it meant, even today, a good more than twenty years from that day, I haven’t been able to settle on one definition of this word.

As a child, I was sure this word meant something very comfortable, something very nice, and something I could take for granted in my happy world. Growing up, teacher gave it several meanings, even tried to define it, and this is when friends taught me meanings they alone thought were right. It meant everything from a feeling of mushiness, to affection, to attachment, to something that brought joy, and also something movies seemed to give a lot of importance to. My dictionary today lists 28 meanings of this word! Oh God, who wouldn’t get confused?! Most movies seemed to be revolving around the sole subject of love. Every song I liked seemed to be about love. My friends were busy falling in love with some other people, my dad was in love with me and his work, my mom said she loved me, I loved my sister, and my small neighbour kid loved his bicycle, while that little child I knew down the street loved only his chocolate (or so I thought!). So up until a good number of years, love seemed to be those rose tinted glasses which were meant to make everything happy.

And then one day, I read the papers wide eyed, to see that just because this man in the news loved this woman, who wouldn’t agree on marrying him, he killed her! That day, love gave itself one more meaning in my head. Something very contrary to what it had been so far. I thought about it for several days, and finally decided that this too involved the happy love I’d known so far, only ending bad. I felt better.

Each day after that day, I tried to look for love in lives. I was surprised the way I’d missed these nuances so far! How could I have not seen that love in that my maid showed to me when she cleaned my table everyday? It never crossed my mind to thank my mother for the love she showed to me each day, by cooking the most amazing food, and making sure I ate healthy. It surprised me when I realized that I’d never made an attempt to appreciate all the love my father gave me every day all day, by doing what was best for me, and making me do the best too. My sister – how could I not acknowledge her love in pampering me even though she is the younger one? Wasn’t it love when my friends laughed at even my not-so-funny jokes?

Today life patiently still goes on to teach me what love is. Almost every day I see love in newer forms. Surprisingly, I don’t realize it’s love when I see it, but thankfully, I understand it if not then, a little later. And it makes me smile, each time I understand it. Now what amuses me, is that if this emotion is so pretty, why do some people deny its existence? So much so, that they will frown when told that they are loved? Or that they should love?

There isn’t enough love in this world, they say. And yet, embracing love can bring you the happiest feeling ever. To love isn’t easy, but it is definitely easier than to hate! Here, I come to the most important part of my post today- expressing love! When you know that love is magic, and that it makes things easy, why not express it? Most people I know, hesitate in expressing their love, even though I’m pretty certain that they intend to love. I wonder why it’s so difficult for some. Your manner of expression could vary, your style could be one never used before, but expressing love nonetheless makes sense. Anything from a simple smile, to a tight hug is a brilliant expression of love. For some, exchanging silence could be an expression of love, while for others, blabbering all the time could mean love. A friend i know, simply drops in little ‘I love you’ notes to his people when he feels love for them. Why wait for a perfect moment to express it? Go all out. Express your love where you feel it. Paint the world in tinted colours, for expressing love is probably the simplest way of showing it, and also probably the easiest way of minimizing hatred.

Love isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

– Stuti

Love. And how I see it.

Love. And how I see it.

P.s. I have been working on this post for the longest time, and as surprising this is to me myself, this was not one of the easy posts that I have published here. A thousand thoughts run in my mind as I write here today, and a million people and their way of expressing love crosses my mind. I’m unable to augment all, but I really hope this is a beginning of understanding this complex emotion, and lays a foundation stone to start a discussion here on this beauty.



Through the clouds,
Tearing past the fog,
Like a shrill whistle,
Did the sun shine.

The light that day was dim,
The sun did not want to be loud,
There was mist everywhere,
All seemed gloomy without a doubt.

All was either grey, black or white,
No other colour seemed sound,
It was as if nature had been robbed of its tastes and color,
Mother Nature also sadly frowned.

Not even the colorful seemed to add colour,
Her eyes shallow, there was a lump in her throat,
For it was actually the air that was drab that day and nothing made sense,
Like an excited overseas parcel, but unseemingly containing only an EMPTY NOTE!

– Stuti

A play.

Scene 1, camera rolling:
Enter a small little child with a nest in her hand
She asks her mother to chair it on a stand.
The mother amused, does not say a word
Just walks up to the cupboard and gets her what she heard.
The girl puts the nest and goes to play
And completely forgets about it till the next day.
Scene 2, camera rolling:
The girl comes back from school and notices the nest,
Remembers all about it and runs to it even before she rests.
She plays with it the rest of the day,
Until its time for her to sleep and before that pray.
Scene 3, camera rolling:
The girl has her science fair today
And will proudly carry her nest to the school.
She shows off the project she got,
Her friends watch it all bemused.
Her teacher sees her project, nods and walks on,
Then an hour later announces the winner.
“The winner my children, is the bird which made the nest,
For it very artistically has done its best.”
The girl is surprised, shocked even,
She expected the prize for herself, and this was not done.
Scene 4, camera rolling:
This is the last scene but not the end of the story,
For the girl accepts her defeat but the actor child is left thinking.
What was is that the producer wanted to convey?
What was it that was the message of this play?
The message dear all, was loud and clear-
We saw a girl who lived in the moment,
She acted her age and did not even relent,
Her defeat, her loss, her nest, her mess.
She let it all go, coz her mind told her so.
In life we get failures many, but don’t let them go,
From our heart, our mind, our breath, our soul,
And that is when we go wrong and pace goes slow.
This lesson the play wanted to give
This lesson but alas, the play could not STITCH.