The nuisance.

He was standing on a corner on the road,
The busy traffic as if wouldn’t let him go through.
He seemed lost, looked up, then around, and then into thin air,
Then turned around and started fiddling with his hands.

In some time he smiled to himself,
And then again, seemingly went back to his dream land.
And then as if time had paused,
He just stood there and kept standing there.

After about ten minutes of doing all this,
And then doing nothing but still standing there,
He gave some confused looks, dodged some vehicles,
And tried to jump in the middle of the road in an attempt to cross it.

Seeing the failed attempts and his desperation,
An old man standing there offered to help him,
To which this young man shrugged,
And gave a disgusted, offended look.

Calmly pulling out some headphones from his ears,
The young gentleman crossed the road.
While the old man with the walking stick now stood there,
Debating with himself, the NUISANCE OF THE NEW.

– Stuti


Pays du tendre.

That smile so wide,
It spake is all.
Eyes bright, hope tall,
Chilly winters, spring, summer and fall.

And all was same and just the same,
When something broke the monotony.
That summer afternoon, she could not think,
Of anything but this agony.

This experience, this journey,
Was new for her, she did not know how.
A sparkle in the eye replaced the glitter,
And many other ‘new’ in the tow.

Must they always give it all a name?
No, not at all, and why do they, it’s a wonder.
She’s new around here, and a little bit lost,
This summer, this PAYS DU TENDRE.

– Stuti

(Pays du tendre is an expression commonly used to mean the domain or subject of love)


A feeling new
A feeling of new
Something that scared her
With each minute confusion grew.

Was she happy?
She didn’t know
Scared but
She was for sure

She could dance
But for no reason
Smile wide
With nothing particular in vision

Her head spinned each minute
With ideas so many
Too many things to deliberate
She could not concentrate on any

The feeling new
The feeling of the new
She felt good today
And prayed for many such more TOO.