Thought process

The other day I was thinking
And then a thought struck me
How does a thought really strike one?
Or is one struck with a thought  just like that for no reason?
I see a thing and I think about it
Or do I think about a thing, and then start seeing it?
Either way, things stick in my mind,
And just like that clog up the whole system,
Occupying all my waking time and sometimes sleeping too.
In most cases I can’t help it at all
And in other cases it doesn’t matter so much too.
But suddenly all the vital ‘thinking’ parts of my body,
start thinking about my thought.
No, it doesn’t help in any way and I know that
But yes, it takes up all my time and I know that too.
And when suddenly all the thinking stops and clots dissolve,
I am absolved of my thoughts and thinking liability,
Only to find myself in yet another ‘THINK’ situation.
Only to find myself occupied with yet another THOUGHT.