Festival time.

Snowy Christmas,
Air crisply laden with cold and frost.
Lips red, red dress,
Santa Ho- Ho, trees with a glossy gloss.

Ringing bells, reindeers in dreams,
Blood red tomatoes, leafy green greens.
Too much to celebrate, and so many smiles around,
Festivities galore in the air, more than ever seen.

She puts on her dress and smacks on some lipstick,
And steps out to be a part of the celebrations.
Dreams in her eyes, a wishing wand in her hand,
She is busy weaving her dreams into stories, some mute, SOME WITH UNPRECEDENTED ANIMATION.

– Stuti


A party?

Sometimes words are the best cover up there is,
And smiles mean a million things.
Eyes are a reflection of emotions,
And words need no speaking.

When the universe conspires to make everything perfect,
And when the imperfect seems perfect too,
When its too bright to stare at the stars,
And yet starry are the eyes that woo.

Those moments she wants to clutch, and not let go of,
Those moments she wants to preserve in memory and logs everywhere.
For, words and smiles, and stars and the moon, are all going to a party she’s told,
And as her heart flutters in a tune, she’s out to ENJOY IT TOO!

– Stuti

The surreal.

Then one day,
In a dim star- lit sky.
It dawned on her that it was all silver around,
And her eyes lit up at the brilliance.

So grand was the light,
That her eyes seemed loud and all white,
And the silver seemed a little bland,
But all colors still had a shine.

She smiled, and laughed,
And made it a big deal.
She joined the celebrations of creating history,
Cheering out loud, not one moment without an exuberating zeal.

So well planned was the everything,
That the setting began to feel perfect and real.
And only when the party ended, did it dawn on her,
That the silver was only in bargain of gold, a step down from the happy,
An entry into the SURREAL!!

– Stuti

Polka dots..

She wore a lovely dress with red polka dots
And looked out of the window staring into the sky,
Gaping at the beauty of the moon
And the serenity of it all that thereth lied.
Her lipstick still fresh, her make up perfect
She climbed the window sill and started looking for something,
Then walked to and forth and jumped back down.
She walked to her mirror and smiled then frowned.
She wondered about her sudden love for polka dots,
Then changed into her home clothes and went to sleep.
That day she had so much on her mind,
She even forgot to go for the PARTY!!