A situation.

In a situation,

As a poet, I see the cuteness of it. I see how I can knot the situation in words. I try to back stab the bad of the situation, I look at it and be good to it. I rhyme it with my experience of words. I wrap it in beautiful words and lace it with elegance. I enjoy it all.

As a person but, I am mean once a situation hits me. I try to get back at it with full force. I want to give its bad back to it. I cry once in every while because I’m an easy target. I curse, I’m loud, sometimes I keep mum too, all in my moments of anguish and uneasiness.

As her, I’m lost. I’m betrayed. I’m not a winner. I feel scared. I could do better.

So why discuss this here? Because I draw an analogy.. we all have a bad something, we all do things differently. But then we all also have that one thing we can nonetheless do when we don’t want to be angry. We write, we sing, we dance, we EXPRESS, or some just don’t. So I urge that my readers re- discover, or for first timers, discover their thing. Maybe it will help you bring yourself out of your shell at least for that one bit.

All the best!!