The nuisance.

He was standing on a corner on the road,
The busy traffic as if wouldn’t let him go through.
He seemed lost, looked up, then around, and then into thin air,
Then turned around and started fiddling with his hands.

In some time he smiled to himself,
And then again, seemingly went back to his dream land.
And then as if time had paused,
He just stood there and kept standing there.

After about ten minutes of doing all this,
And then doing nothing but still standing there,
He gave some confused looks, dodged some vehicles,
And tried to jump in the middle of the road in an attempt to cross it.

Seeing the failed attempts and his desperation,
An old man standing there offered to help him,
To which this young man shrugged,
And gave a disgusted, offended look.

Calmly pulling out some headphones from his ears,
The young gentleman crossed the road.
While the old man with the walking stick now stood there,
Debating with himself, the NUISANCE OF THE NEW.

– Stuti


A brighter bright.

The road is long,
And she knows it well.
No music, no songs,
No streamers, no bells.

She still walks it,
For so she must.
She wants to walk it,
How else would she know the fuss.

“No pain, no gain”-
That’s what they say.
She sees no pain however here,
Only smiles, and smiles, and a brighter BRIGHT EVERYDAY!!

– Stuti


This life, oh, it teaches you lessons umpteen,
This life, oh, it marries you to experiences unseen.
When roads are big, it teaches you strength.
When rains are hard, it teaches you wet.
Life shows you the way, life makes you lose it too.
Life is a grand affair, and sometimes just a gathering of a few.
Life is a salad of variety, and sometimes the monotony of the mighty.
Life is a collage of memories, one himself creates and forgets lightly.
A salute to this life and also to the life of every other,
For each one has done at least something or the other.
But enough about life now, with that I’m through,
Coz life is actually how you make it and your life should be about YOU.