A solution to love..

Never mind the tears,
She’ll handle them all.
Never mind the smile,
Her heart doesn’t melt so at all.

Never mind the failure,
She’s too hard to be broken.
Success on her mind,
The smalls she considers forgotten.

Never mind the speed breakers,
They slow her speed, not her determination.
She jumps over some, trips over others,
But in the end, aligns her ideas with her inclination.

She’s gotten past most and many smalls,
The bigs she fears not.
It’s only love that scares her now,
For there doesn’t exist a solution for that- not then, NOT NOW.



Sand and a question.

Sometimes I feel time slipping away through the holes between the fingers in my hand. So then I attempt to stop it from falling, by pouring some water in the sand, dampening the whole of it, and making it stay where it is. In the process, I do freeze the sand for a while. I prevent it from falling through for roughly 30 minutes (if I exaggerate!). But post this stall, the sand is back to its flowing state, ready to fall even if I sneeze. So now I wrap both my hands around the sand, in an attempt to prevent it from falling. I protect it. I prevent the fall out. But eventually I begin to tire.

After some time, I start wondering why at all is this little bit of sand alone so important to me? Why did I not think of letting this bit fall away and pick up something more convenient and durable, lets say a pebble? So I question my choice, my attempts, my efforts AND my techniques.

I imagine sitting down and letting the sand go. And then I wonder and ponder over why did I imagine letting the sand go if at all. Shouldn’t I have imagined of trying harder to keep it? Save it? Not letting it fall?

I draw an analogy to life here. We as humans with at least some degree of emotional quotient, tend to hold onto things and situations. We forget that maybe the sand we are holding onto also needs its time and space. It needs to breathe. Maybe it was the desire of the sand to fall and not be held tight and be protected. Of course it would have been easier if the sand could talk and I could explain and we could together weigh the odds. But now that one party is mute, I so doubt a simple uncomplicated solution!

So what do we do? I am out of solutions, and I’m looking for some apt answers to this query. I invite my readers to spill their hearts out with solutions to themselves. You could be on my side, think as me, and suggest, or you could simply be sympathetic with to the sand.

Hoping my readers will deliberate on this…


Expression-ist (Stuti)

(P.S. My take on this (Yes I do have one!) – I should hold onto the sand because for whatever it is worth, I have invested quality time and brain on this, and maybe the sand also wants to stay!! 😉

The shadow..

There under the sun, she waited for the moon to come,

Her eyes trying to stare directly at the scorching treat.

And then she turned around and started walking away,

only to see her shadow also retreat.

In a playful mood, she began to run,

as if to make her shadow separate from herself.

She twisted, turned and then started walking fast,

but the shadow just wouldn’t leave her cast.

But finally she was struck with a way of sending it away from her,

she walked into her room and put the light on-

and lo and behold, the shadow was gone.

Her eyes widened at the realisation that,

in life she did not need a super solution to treat things,

What was needed was only a little light and all the problems would take WINGS.