The conversation with a stranger

As memories of what has gone filled her heart and mind,
She yearned for memories more.
Her day & nights filled with hope,
She targeted even more.

Her eyes now twinkled with secret admiration,
Her hands even trembled at some thoughts,
Her peace gone, her faith shattered,
She as if made a plot.

She talked to me about her fears,
About her restlessness she discussed.
She wanted me to advise her littles,
Her nothings also she confessed.

On and on it went
Until my eyes were filled with tears
And then I got up and quietly left
With me I took my ears.

She stared at my back as she saw me walking away,
Suddenly hurt for no reason.
Depressed, denounced,
As if a victim of treason!!

She forgot her pain, for now she had a new one,
She thought about me walking away.
I couldn’t blame her for judging me,
But she did not even realise I didn’t even know her.

The girl, my friend, was a reflection of someone I knew,
And that day she made me meet her again,
The girl, my friend, was a big big mess,
And these milestones in her life, she had too many times already ATTAINED.