What gave her confidence, was a smile.
A confidence fuelled by a promise:
The promise though really, was only a big fat hope,
Eh! And no one actually told her that!
She hoped the promise would work,
She promised herself, a confidence in the planned.
So once sorted with her hopes of a good plan and promises of confidence,
She was there- ready to set out in that world they called a ‘stage’:
She was going to play all characters, or at least help others play their roles,
She would hand them their props appropriate to the scene and theme,
She would wear make-up and masks to animate the shows too.
All to make sure, that people who mattered, all smiled.
All to make sure, that there were enough people who mattered.
All to make sure, that the enough had been a good number, and was enough too;
All to make sure, that she could sign off peaceful, happy, and CONFIDENT.



A play.

Scene 1, camera rolling:
Enter a small little child with a nest in her hand
She asks her mother to chair it on a stand.
The mother amused, does not say a word
Just walks up to the cupboard and gets her what she heard.
The girl puts the nest and goes to play
And completely forgets about it till the next day.
Scene 2, camera rolling:
The girl comes back from school and notices the nest,
Remembers all about it and runs to it even before she rests.
She plays with it the rest of the day,
Until its time for her to sleep and before that pray.
Scene 3, camera rolling:
The girl has her science fair today
And will proudly carry her nest to the school.
She shows off the project she got,
Her friends watch it all bemused.
Her teacher sees her project, nods and walks on,
Then an hour later announces the winner.
“The winner my children, is the bird which made the nest,
For it very artistically has done its best.”
The girl is surprised, shocked even,
She expected the prize for herself, and this was not done.
Scene 4, camera rolling:
This is the last scene but not the end of the story,
For the girl accepts her defeat but the actor child is left thinking.
What was is that the producer wanted to convey?
What was it that was the message of this play?
The message dear all, was loud and clear-
We saw a girl who lived in the moment,
She acted her age and did not even relent,
Her defeat, her loss, her nest, her mess.
She let it all go, coz her mind told her so.
In life we get failures many, but don’t let them go,
From our heart, our mind, our breath, our soul,
And that is when we go wrong and pace goes slow.
This lesson the play wanted to give
This lesson but alas, the play could not STITCH.