A twinkle in her eyes.

She picked her suitcase,
And walked some miles.
Memories packed in there,
Some music, some smiles.

When at the airport, as she opened her diary to write,
Her pen refused to scribble, her words seemingly in a block.
She closed her eyes for some time,
Light tears in her eyes, time taking stock.

He walked to her and asked if all was okay,
She stared at him, as his eyes made her shy.
She opened her mouth to answer that question,
And shut it the next second, wondering about the stranger and his why.

She walked away with her luggage and her book all too suddenly,
Leaving him with his question and bewilderment.
That man with his concerns and genuineness,
That lady with her suspicions, and a TWINKLE IN HER EYES 😉

– Stuti

The conversation with a stranger

As memories of what has gone filled her heart and mind,
She yearned for memories more.
Her day & nights filled with hope,
She targeted even more.

Her eyes now twinkled with secret admiration,
Her hands even trembled at some thoughts,
Her peace gone, her faith shattered,
She as if made a plot.

She talked to me about her fears,
About her restlessness she discussed.
She wanted me to advise her littles,
Her nothings also she confessed.

On and on it went
Until my eyes were filled with tears
And then I got up and quietly left
With me I took my ears.

She stared at my back as she saw me walking away,
Suddenly hurt for no reason.
Depressed, denounced,
As if a victim of treason!!

She forgot her pain, for now she had a new one,
She thought about me walking away.
I couldn’t blame her for judging me,
But she did not even realise I didn’t even know her.

The girl, my friend, was a reflection of someone I knew,
And that day she made me meet her again,
The girl, my friend, was a big big mess,
And these milestones in her life, she had too many times already ATTAINED.


By the river

That day she wore a Kanjivaram Saree
And sat on a rock by the river
The water in the river roared and foamed
running to and forth and up and hither.
She was lost in her thoughts and was staring at it go
Just then a passer-by noticed that,
this woman in a rather strange get up
Had her eyes blank and spirits low.
He chose a rock a little away from that rock and seated himself there
And from a distance decided to sit and stare.
The woman played with her hair and was very restless
When suddenly out of nowhere,
a sparrow came to the river and dipped its beak to take a sip
Then it wetted its feathers and fluttered so to sprinkle water everywhere
The pretty girl saw this all and then saw the bird fly away
Suddenly there was lot of joy on her face.
The stranger surprised, walked to her and asked the reason for the sudden change in emotions
The girl stood up and replied with humbleness and grace-
‘Oh dear friend you ask so I tell,
This sparrow I just saw enjoying itself is quite an extinct animal in the city
This day when I was sad about my own life,
it came along and taught me a nitty grittie
It taught me that you may not be liked by somebody and at some place
And may be even thrown out of life by some,
But far far away or somewhere just near
Look and you’ll find at least one person
who likes you and understands that you too are AWESOME.’