Her heart just kept floating to lands far away,
She sung many songs and heard herself pray.

She chanted, she chanted,
She chanted some more.
She thought, she thought,
She kept thinking more.

She prayed to God to give her strength,
To make her fall in love once again.
For her heart for now was stuck on one,
Her emotions for now refused to stand the pain.

The misfortune, the pain,
The pain of loss, loss disdain.

She shouted, she shouted,
She shouted out loud.
But nobody could still hear her,
She wondered how.

And even as so many questions she asked to all,
No one answered her at all.
She rested her case, her questions, her all,
And minded her step lest she’d FALL?



And as the chaos in her cupboard was cleared,
There was a magical change in her thought process also.
It was as if the two activities bore a natural nexus,
It was as if the cupboard was like her mind too.

She opened her cupboard one night,
Not able to find what she wanted.
She did not have the time to clear it out then,
But the thought in her mind continuously daunted.

Having set out a time and agenda for the activity,
She now kept postponing it for the umpteenth time.
Having decided to steer the confusion away,
Her mind refused to give her the time.

Determined one holiday,
She set out to clean it all.
It took the whole day and night,
But she could finally clear it all.

And now when it was done,
She could suddenly also breathe with her mind.
She could feel the lightness and some clarity,
She could now easily unwind.

Such is the drama of life dear readers,
The mess in one arena of lifescape clutters the other.
As much as one may try to watertight compartmentalize,
All is mixed hither skither.

So instead of letting it mix,
Of only imagining a better world with vacuum and boundaries,
She decided to and so must all,
De- clutter, re-organize, re- arrange and tidy up,
What exists and is the present,
So there is peace of mind, body, thoughts and OVERALL.


Wailing loud.

She asked herself a question,
Then a next one, and then one more.

Her curiosity got the better of her,
Her notoriety didn’t do her any good either!!

Then one at a time, she reviewed her thoughts,
And one at a time, she thought about it each.

She listed the pros, the cons she weighed,
She twisted the truths, some lies she sewed.

Then her heart told a story untold,
But her mind did not approve of it.

As the day was big, she shouted out loud,
And then when she shut up, there was eerie silence, no noise, but only wailing LOUD!! .


Thought process

The other day I was thinking
And then a thought struck me
How does a thought really strike one?
Or is one struck with a thought  just like that for no reason?
I see a thing and I think about it
Or do I think about a thing, and then start seeing it?
Either way, things stick in my mind,
And just like that clog up the whole system,
Occupying all my waking time and sometimes sleeping too.
In most cases I can’t help it at all
And in other cases it doesn’t matter so much too.
But suddenly all the vital ‘thinking’ parts of my body,
start thinking about my thought.
No, it doesn’t help in any way and I know that
But yes, it takes up all my time and I know that too.
And when suddenly all the thinking stops and clots dissolve,
I am absolved of my thoughts and thinking liability,
Only to find myself in yet another ‘THINK’ situation.
Only to find myself occupied with yet another THOUGHT.