Forced to be forgotten?

Of times simpler,
Of moments lighter,
And wishes smaller,
When all that was possible.

Of roads less travelled,
Of discoveries waiting to be made,
And inventions made but forgotten,
Wondering what went wrong.

Of subtle joys,
Of lows higher than low,
And details minute,
Mind wanders those roads.

Of jokes that made no sense,
Of science backed by all reason,
And still many theories conflicting,
Yet all co-existing, even though overlapping.

A moment of truth,
A period of silence,
A patch of broken road,
All there, but existence denied.

Many leads,
Nothing to tie them up and string them together,
So leaving them here as stories told often,
But forced to be FORGOTTEN.



Calender of days.

As each day passes,
One more day is added to the calender.
The page becomes a yesterday page,
And yet memories remain intact, right there.

Sometimes she wants to hold on to that day,
Sometimes she can’t wait for it to go.
Yet each day does go away,
Immaterial of her choice for its length of stay.

She, jolted, realises this truth,
And keeps the calendar back on the table.
Turns the page yet again,
And welcomes the next day, hoping it will be better than her last BAD DAY.