One. Two.

She questioned all that was said,
One question.
Two answers.

He answered all that was asked,
Two questions.
One answer.

They could debate for hours together,
Both ending winners.
Yet one happy to lose.

But they found their peace only in these simple-
Two bits of silence.

– Stuti


Didn’t see.

She didn’t see it coming
And yet it came along.
She didn’t see it happening
And yet it happened anyways.

It wasn’t like she did not work towards it
But somehow it always fell short.
Her effort, her perseverance
Always somehow seemed to naught.

Just an occasional yawn here and there
She did not otherwise slip.
All that stability and banter for nothing it seemed
Hardly once had she ever even tripped.

Anyway, she strided along
As life would have it and wanted her to.
Trying to be careful, diligent and watchful always
For it was only a matter of time, when her two and two’s would FIT WELL TOO.

– Stuti