Unsaid but love.

His smile brightened her day,
His message brought light in the night.
Her smile blessings in disguise for him,
She always thought this was just right.

The laughter, the discussion,
The tete-tet et al.
The trans, the understanding,
Was it love at all?

No points for guessing who realised it was not,
And yet there was spark.
No points for guessing why it did not work,
But they did not speak about it at all!!

She gave some hints,
He took them well.
He gave some hints,
But were they even there?

Some misunderstandings, some misfortunes,
Some fights some afternoons.
They did not know their friendly ranter,
Simulated love, hushed anger.

Some years later,
As she looks back in the past,
She cannot help but hold onto memories those,
He wondered why it didn’t work, it would work she had hoped.

And now as they spend their lives seperate from yesterday,
They try not to hold onto the past,
They see the future but time and again pause,
To recount the unsaid love, for now it was IMMORTAL.