That man who came to the restaurant the other day,
Made her think about life.
These little everyday moments,
Actually reflected majors and aggravated her plight.

He came for dinner with family of four,
To this diner not famous for anything really, but plain and old.
He asked his son where he could get water to drink,
Who routinely pointed towards the water cooler in one direction next to the kitchen.

As that seemed something she could easily skip,
She got busy with her food and chat.
But suddenly noticed some further progress
In that story of the son and the dad.

The father filled one glass with water and drank it up,
Then picked up another two,
Filled them up with water,
And started walking towards that table of his crew.

Two minutes later she saw him walk back to the cooler,
And fill yet another two glasses of water.
He took them back to his family’s table and sat back again to join in,
That old man with the greying hair, a son and a daughter.

This man left her amazed and impressed,
She could see what responsibility meant,
Two generations in the same family,
Treated their family in two very different manners without any particular intent.

The old man she saw, took it as his responsibility,
To effortlessly love his loved ones and take care of them.
Despite his age, walked the extra steps so his family didn’t have to wait for water.
She learnt a lesson that day, igniting again a mental mayhem.

To love may be an exercise in itself,
But where love is natural, it is effortless.
Saluting the spirit of those who have genuinely loved somebody,
She hoped she would one day be in love too- unconditionally, effortlessly, RESPONSIBLY.



A Journey romantically traversed.

A feeling wetter than water,
An emotion drier than sand,
A touch as soothing as a baby’s,
Some things ended before they began.

An impression as lasting as imprint on dried cement,
A memory lasting forever,
A tussle very mean,
All meant to end ultimately and last actually never.

A fervor so feverish,
It would leave you feeling drained,
All these and many more,
Emotions not mundane.

She read this poem and looked through her soul for emotions all these,
Quite surprised, she scanned herself and found traces of every and each.
She smiled and smirked at these nuances umpteen,
It was now that she saw she too was travelling a romantical journey one cannot avoid or BREACH.


By the river

That day she wore a Kanjivaram Saree
And sat on a rock by the river
The water in the river roared and foamed
running to and forth and up and hither.
She was lost in her thoughts and was staring at it go
Just then a passer-by noticed that,
this woman in a rather strange get up
Had her eyes blank and spirits low.
He chose a rock a little away from that rock and seated himself there
And from a distance decided to sit and stare.
The woman played with her hair and was very restless
When suddenly out of nowhere,
a sparrow came to the river and dipped its beak to take a sip
Then it wetted its feathers and fluttered so to sprinkle water everywhere
The pretty girl saw this all and then saw the bird fly away
Suddenly there was lot of joy on her face.
The stranger surprised, walked to her and asked the reason for the sudden change in emotions
The girl stood up and replied with humbleness and grace-
‘Oh dear friend you ask so I tell,
This sparrow I just saw enjoying itself is quite an extinct animal in the city
This day when I was sad about my own life,
it came along and taught me a nitty grittie
It taught me that you may not be liked by somebody and at some place
And may be even thrown out of life by some,
But far far away or somewhere just near
Look and you’ll find at least one person
who likes you and understands that you too are AWESOME.’


Rain water


There far away but in the middle of the city

She was drenched in the rain water

There was rain and it was raining hard

She wondered what really went wrong

And as she stood in the rain and opened her palm

She caught hold of a few rain drops not wanting to let them go

Was proud that she held them tight and very right

Cupped her other hand to protect the water from falling

Splish splash it rained still,

Until a few mins later when she realized, that those drops had already left her

Now there were only some other drops she was holding on to.

It was then that the realization dawned on her

And she wanted the water that was GONE.                                                                                   .