Kept her busy.

That paper she read everyday,
She re-read it again each day,
But still couldn’t remember the contents.

That photo she saw every morning,
She dreamt of it every night,
But still needed to physically see it to put to rest her plight.

Her ideas- she stringed them together,
Put them to test,
And decided to challenge the best with them.

Her memories- she made a story of them,
Put them in words, weaved them together,
And told it to all in the rem.

Her life- she wanted to document it in a book,
Put it out for all to read,
And re- read it herself so learn lessons from it.

The paper, the dream, the idea, the memories,
She wished were more organised, she hoped did not have crease.
And yet she knew that it all put together,
Alone made the life a challenge, alone kept her BUSY.



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