Maimed today.

Her throat raw with the practice,
She shouted and sang till she dropped.
Her mind numb with the calculation,
Many numbers still here and there pop.

As if hit by a hurricane, she felt jolted,
As if in the middle of a revolution, her soul revolted.
Her wires little loose, she tried to make sense,
Tried to take account of this nonsense intense.

She danced, she sang, she did it all at once,
She cried, she laughed, her soul as if scathed.
She sat, then stood up randomly,
Unsure, uneasy, undecided, unattached.

She looked at the sky, then around her,
She turned around, could feel some uneasy around her.
She feels maimed today, although everything may be the best,
She feels maimed today, although she has passed all her TESTS.



your chance to express(edD)

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